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FEI-Philips XL30 Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope with Field Emission Gun (Equipped with EDAX-Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis Unit)

FEI-Philips XL30 ESEM-FEG offers high resolution imaging as well as low kV imaging for non-coated or insulating materials. A solid state backscattered electron detector (BSE) enables average atomic number imaging and EDS detector allows semi-quantitative X-ray analysis including light element detection.


  • Field Emission electron source offers high resolution imaging.
  • Secondary electron detector (SE) shows surface morphology.
  • Backscattered electron detector (BSE) reveals differences in average atomic number.
  • Low kV imaging is possible for non-coated or insulating materials.
  • EDS detector allows semi-quantitative elemental analysis and 2D maps of the majör elements.


Recommended sample size: to fit onto a 12 mm or 24 mm diameter sample stub with maximum height of 1 cm (may change depending on the sample)

Stage movement in x-y direction: 50x50 mm

Magnification: 300000x

Resolution: 5 nm at 30 kV and spot 2 on reference material